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  • ...traditional drink-slingers are keeping up: Cruzroom's bartenders mix house
    made liquors like fig infused scotch and chili apple vodka.
    ~ Details Magazine, Oct. 2011

      Sundays starting at 6pm Movie Night: free spiced popcorn, big screen TV, and surround sound! Visit our Facebook page for weekly movie listings.
    Mondays at 8pm Knitting & Cocktails with Close Knit. Knitters get a discount on food and drinks.
    Tuesdays at 7pm Shanrock Triviology
    Every Second and Third Thursday at 7pm Have your tarot read and discover what's in store with the ladies of Psychic Siamese Terror
    Every Second/Fourth Saturday at 9pm Vinylogy spins hip hop, downtempo, and electronic music
    Every Third Saturday at 9pm DJ Alonzo Mourning Sickness spins records
    Every Third Friday at 9pm DJ Courier spins bossa nova and hip hop records
  • Think local booze is sexy? Try our Cruzroom cocktails featuring these local Portland, Oregon distilleries:

    New Deal Distillery Eastside Distilling  
    Downward Spiral
    House-infused Black & Blue vodka wakes up in the car with Oregon blueberries, blackberries, lemon, and sage. Think lots of crushed dreams and a little orange brandy. $8

    The fastest way to a Heartless Heather roller derby girl's heart: el Jimador tequila with St. Germain elderflower liqueur, grapefruit bitters, fresh grapefruit juice, and soda. $8

    Size Me Up
    Cucumber-infused New Deal Gin #3, Lillet and lemon. Our rendition of the classic vesper cocktail is smoother than James Bond out of his dinner jacket. $8

    With a slurry wink from across the bar, how can you resist smoky Vida mezcal and Altos Platinum dressed in prickly pear puree and lime? You can't, you sexy beast. $8

    We came back from Thailand with Eastside Distilling Below Deck Ginger Rum, lime, coconut milk, and little habanero syrup. $8

    No Excuses
    Refreshing, relaxing, shoulder brushing, this citrus infused red wine topped with prosecco will leave you leaning back, feet up and realizing you don't need an excuse to cut loose and kick back. $8

    Summer Bliss
    House infused strawberry vodka, basil and lemonade? Check. Pasty, pale legs walking by? Check. Realizing it's finally summer in Portland? Priceless. $8

    House-Infused Liquors $6
    Enjoy these luscious infusions straight up or with a little, soda.
    Deathstar - Ancho chili-apple vodka
    Black and Blue - Black tea and blueberry vodka
    Gonzo - Roasted pineapple vodka
    Priceless - Strawberry vodka
      BB King - Blackberry bourbon
    Colonel Potter - Double fig scotch
    Zerk - Peppercorn tequila
    Rotating Infusion - Ask your server about daily specials and availability.
    Flight of four, served straight up for $10

    Bartender's Choice $8
    Try one of our featured liquor and beer pairings, and save yourself a little money and heartbreaking indecision
    Cowboy Up
    Temperance Trader whiskey / Elysian Immortal IPA
    Oregon Trail
    Stampede whiskey / Anthem cider
      High Plains
    Stein whiskey / Worthy Kolsch
    Mexican Standoff
    Altos Plata tequila / Tecate tall boy

    Six rotating beers on tap and a full wine list
  • Hungry? Make it a plate!
    2 tacos + side, save $1
    3 tacos + side, save $2

    We can feed your kids, too! Just ask your server for details.
    The Mac
    Fried pickles, Applewood-smoked bacon, Cheddar cheese, onions, slaw, and our own secret special sauce. $3.50

    Green Meanie
    Pulled pork braised in verde tomatillo chili sauce, topped with roasted tomatillo-Poblano chili slaw. $3.50

    The Jerk
    Spicy/sweet braised chicken topped with a mango slaw and fresh cilantro. $3.50

    The Butterfly Man
    Thai inspired ground chicken seasoned with hoisin and lime served up in a crunchy shell and a bright slaw, finished with roasted peanuts. $3.50
      Sweet Caroline
    Apple braised Carlton Farms pork topped with a honey mustard slaw and a dill pickle and jalapeno relish. $3.50

    Bob's Your Uncle
    British style fish and chips taco. Malt vinegar, coleslaw, and a lemon wedge. Cheers, mate! $3.50

    Shia LaBeef
    Slow braised sweet and sour beef with bok choy, carrot and cucumber pickles. $3.50

    The Red Rocket
    Carlton Farms pork braised in a spicy red curry sauce, topped with a cilantro-lime slaw and chicharrones. $3.50
    West African spiced cauliflower hush puppies, fried to order and topped with a spicy harissa slaw and green onions. $3.50

    Nina's Carnitas
    Sweet-braised jackfruit with a fresh jalepeņo slaw. $3.50

    El Tio Rhueben Vegan
    Our secret recipe is what makes this tempeh taste so great! Seared and topped with house made sauerkraut and a vegan thousand island. $3.50
    Indian curry potatoes with Peruvian Aji slaw and pickled onions. $3.50

    Sunday Pastime
    Spicy Buffalo-style soy curls, our house slaw tossed in vegan ranch dressing and topped with fresh celery. $3.50

    Black beans, cheese sauce, tomatoes, green onions, and black olives in a crunchy shell. $3.50
    Tortilla chips tossed in Asiago cheese and pico de gallo spice with a side of Puya pepper salsa and Cheddar cheese sauce. Made to order. $4

    Titos Curry Titos
    Tortilla chips tossed in house-made curry powder with a side of Cheddar cheese sauce and our Peruvian Aji sauce. Made to order. $4

    Spicy Pickle Chips
    Crispy, fried pickles served with chipotle remoulade. $4
      Tots a la Cruz
    Spiced tater tots covered in smoked Cheddar cheese sauce, Puya pepper salsa, tomatoes, and green onions. Hot damn! $4

    Chavez Salad
    Our version of the Caesar: romaine, tortilla chips, radishes, and a bright jalapeno citrus dressing. $4

    Asian Salad
    Julienned jicama, carrots, and cilantro tossed in a spicy Asian dressing. Topped with toasted sesame seeds. $4

  • Klutch - website
    The mastermind behind the Vinyl Killers art project, this Oklahoma born punk revivalist creates stark multi-layered stencils and graffiti work on skateboards, found objects, murals and most famously - vinyl records. His art celebrates the glory of the punk days while exposing the splendor of true street art.
    Heidi Elise Wirz - website
    Heidi Elise Wirz is an illustrator, painter, and screen printer, based in Portland, OR. Someone she really admires once said that her work is like an old science book found under the ruins of an ancient, yet futuristic city. That made her feel really good. She is co-owner of Let's Go! Screen Printing, and enjoys family, bikes and her Staffordshire Terrier, Princess Leia.

    Mike Roberts - website
    Mike Roberts is a damn good illustrator/ painter/ aspiring tattoo artist based in Portland, Oregon.
    Charlie Alan Kraft - website
    Once considered a national icon and one of the worlds greatest discoveries Charlie Alan Kraft now resides in Portland Oregon living a quiet much more civilized life then that of his past.

    Jon MacNair - website
    Jon MacNair (aka Crispy Copper) is a graduate of The Maryland Institute College of Art, where he earned a BFA in Illustration. His commercial work has appeared in various editorial publications as well been used for package design and apparel.

    He has exhibited his personal work at galleries worldwide, having shown in cities such as New York, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle, D.C., London and Glasgow. Publications like Beautiful Decay, Faesthetic, Elle Girl and Empty Magazine have also featured his work. He is an active member of the Honeycomb Art Collective (based out of Buenos Aires and New York) and has participated in many projects and exhibitions with them as well.

We love and support local and sustainable products in our food and drinks.

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