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We love and support local and sustainable products in our food and drinks.

"The cocktail menu is replete with artful mixology, heavy on the house-made infusions, but refreshingly light on the pretension - the menu is laugh-out-loud funny, and the drinks are just plain yummy..." ~ BAR FLY MAGAZINE

"...these are NOT normal tacos. They look like tacos. And they function like tacos. But the stuff inside is NOT the stuff I'm used to. And the menu is LONG, so everyone is bound to find something that they'll enjoy." ~ TALK EAT DRINK PORTLAND

"With one of the best outdoor spaces in Portland, Cruzroom doesn't need to do much else to keep customers coming, but that doesn't stop them." ~ THRILLIST

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Shirts of all sizes are available for $25 each!


2338 NE Alberta Street
Portland, OR, 97211


Phone: (503) 208-3483

Email: cruzroom@gmail.com

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